The Past

Am Can BISS Troykov's Noble Thunderbird

Am Can MBISS Group Winning Ch. Troykov's Noble Thunderbird

Born 9-19-77 -Died 8-12-88

By Ch  Majenkir Gyrfalcon x Ch Countrybar Barefoot Contessa

On this page are great dogs of the past some are still with us some have passed


Am. Can. Ch. Troykov's Noble Thunderbird "Thunder"

Am. Can. Ch. Savladai Gypsy Dreams "Gypsy"

Am. Can. Ch. Savladai Spring Astral O Kenai "Rascal"

Am. Can. Ch. Savladai Kenai Witness "Apollo"

Kenai's Telkeetna


Am. Can. Ch. Kenai's Santa Ana Winds "Emma"

  (May 1989- November 2001)


Offspring of Ch. Savladai Kenai Witness x Ch. Kenai's Santa Ana Winds

Born February June 12, 1993

Ch. Kenai's Winfield The Commish "Tony"

Ch. Kenai's Winfield Picket Fences "Rachael"

Kenai's In The Heat Of The Nite "Mr. Tibbs"

 Kenai Family additions

Ch. Timber Ridges Abi Of Kenai "Abi" Bred By Pat Hillyard Timber Ridge Borzoi

Am Can Ch. Ryzanns Cavalcade JC "Cade" Bred by Lee-Ann Shank and Andrea Miller Ryzann Borzoi

 Am Can Ch. Ryzanns Eclipse at Kenai "Rex" Bred by Lee-Ann Shank Ryzann Borzoi

Sebranova's Ramunder of Kenai "Elsa" Bred by Susanne Leifors (Sweden)


Offspring of Ch. Windn' Satin Black Legacy X AM Can. Ch Kenai's Santa Ana Winds

Born 2-16-95

Ch. Kenai's In The Circle of Life "Riker"

Am Can SKC Int. Ch Kenai's Candle On The Water "Spitz"

Am SuCH Kenai's Once Upon A Dream "Boo"

Ch. Kenai's The Sorcerer's Apprentice "Diamond"

Ch. Kenai's Kiss The Girl "Natty"

Ch. Kenai's Oh-De-Lally "Lally"

Kenai's The Lion King "Liev"


Offspring of Ch. Cascara's Restless Heart JC X Ch. Kenai's Santa Ana Winds

Born April 28, 1997

Ch. Kenai's Key To Imagination "Dakota"

Kenai's Storms in Africa "Enya"

Kenai's Until The Last Moment JC "Arrow"


 Offspring of Kenai's in the Heat of the Nite x Ch. Kenai's Once Upon a Dream

Born May 20, 1997

Ch. Kenai's Dante "Dante"

Ch. Kenai's Thunderbird" "Thunder"

Kenai's Kiowa By Cool Run "Kiowa" pointed

Kenai's Wahkeena "Wahkeena"

Kenai Narada of Krestovi "Breanna"


Offsping of Ch. Kenai's Keys to Imagination x Sebranova's Ramunder of Kenai

Born May 7, 2000

Ch. Kenai's Heart and Soul

Ch. Kenai's Shooting Star

Ch. Kenai's For Your Eyes Only

Ch. Kenai's Shadows in the Moonlite

Ch. Kenai's Take Me Home

Kenai's White Sands


Offspring of Am Can Ch. Ryzann's Eclipse of Kenai x Ch. Timber Ridge Abi of Kenai

Born May 16, 2000

Ch. Kenai's Wind Sheer at Qaymo

BIS INT AM Ch. Kenai's Summer Solstice

Ch. Kenai's Aldebaran

Ch Kenai's Updraft at Qaymo

Kenai's November Sky

Kenai's Northern Lights