Wind River Dobermans

is planning a very exciting litter in the Winter of 2017

Top 20 GCH Ch. Perfex Canis Major "Sirius" will be bred to our Braebrook's We Run the Night "Havana" Pointed US and Canada

Sirius                                                                    Havana

Our puppies are raised in our home with love, devotion, and gentle nurturing to ensure they get the best start in life. Optimum nutrition, early stimulation and socialization are imperative for the development of a happy healthy puppy. 

We do adhere to the AKC standard for the Doberman Pinscher and do abide by the Doberman Pinscher Club of America Code of Ethics. We sell all companion Dobermans (Non-Show) on a spay/neuter contract and a limited non breeding registration.  All puppies are sold cropped and docked with dewclaws removed. Your puppy will be dewormed and appropriately vaccinated.  We are here for support and to answer question for the life of your puppy.  If at any time you cannot keep your Wind River Doberman, we require that the dog be returned to us. 


Parent are health screened for:

von Willebrand's ( a bleeding disorder in Dobermans)

Hip Dysplasia

Cardiac Screening

            Holter monitor

            Kate Meurs DCM 1 & 2 testing        


Thyroid Function

Liver Function

Pedigree for Sirius

Pedigree for Havana