It all began back in 1996 when Susanne Leifors, of Sebranova Borzoi, phoned me about breeding to Riker.  Unfortunately Riker (Ch. Kenai's In the Circle of Life) as lovely as he was had no sperm.  Susanne then decided to use his Brother Am Can Int. Ch Kenai's Candle on the Water "Spitz".  After a long and involved process and getting a little sidetracked in Denmark, Spitz's frozen legacy made it to Susanne's home in Soderkoping Sweden.

It was the first successful intrauterine implant done with Borzoi in Sweden to our knowledge.

Susanne bred Am Can Int Ch Kenai's Candle on the Water (Spitz) to Swedish Ch MAc┼ttEll┤s Mistress Zule

to produce:

SLCCH  Sebranova's 
Royal Viking

 SLCCH NLCCH Sebranova┤s Royal Viking


Lilliman is the  top winning Borzoi in Lure Coursing in Sweden 2000,2001 and 2002, also best male in Norway 2002. No male has beaten him in the last 3 years in Sweden and Norway! Lilliman is always among 1-3 in these two countries. 

Kennel Sebranova are best breeder in LC 2000,2001,2002


To quote Susanne "he is MR LURE COURSING IN SWEDEN as Borzoi. If he will take the 3rd year too he will be history in Scandinavia and NO DOG has done it. We have a goal to hunt........."

In July of 1998 Susanne shipped  Sebranova's Ramunder of Kenai "Elsa"

and Ch. Sebranova's Ramabsolut of Kenai "Sotis" to the US.

Sotis finished his American Championship.  Unfortunately his life was short lived and he died from some form of parvo-virus at the age of 2.  

These two dogs were by SuCh Sebranova's Rambrico and Russian Bred Trawka

"Elsa" was bred to Ch. Kenai's Keys to Imagination to produce one of the most beautiful litters ever bred here at Kenai, the Music Litter.


Then Susanne them came to visit me one Thanksgiving Day  and decided Am. SuCh Kenai's Once Upon a Dream "Boo" 

should live in Sweden at Sebranova.  So, Boo went to Denmark and then on to Sweden.  I miss my Boo but know she would is in a wonderful place. 

Boo was bred to SuCh Sebranova's Reel-Mess "Boxer" 

A single puppy was born "Trollet" translates to (the big ugly man with the tail who say BUUUU in the forest) She is a girl.





Thank you Susanne for sharing some real treasures!